Sunday, January 10, 2010

Happy Sunday!!!!

Hello everyone,
My vacation is over .......:( ,but it was nice one :))))
and work start tomorrow.....
I have made few cards for my friends and family.
In january a lot of people whom i knew have Birthday's

I hope my cards will bring them joy :)

This is for my cousin (today is her birthday)

And this one is for my niece ( her birthday is tomorrow ) . She love cookies !!!

And this one I have made for my mom. Just  because she love working in the garden, but now is too cold for that. She can't wait for spring to come :)

I wish you all happy day!!!



  1. wow Renkata what a gorgeous set of card...your family will just love them so much
    Mina xxx

  2. Beautiful work Reni!!! Love them all.


Thanks for your comments:) I am so happy to read them !!!


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